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later, I took him to dinner in Boston, hoping he could help make sense of what I was trying to write about Haiti, which he seemed glad. Finally, she gave him Tolstoy's War and Peace, which he devoured, at the age. In anthropology from Harvard. Kirkus Reviews, starred review A fine writer and his extraordinary subject: Tracy Kidder, in giving us Paul Farmer, lifts up an image of hopeand challengethat the world urgently needs. He worked in Boston four months of the year, living in a church rectory in a slum. From Harvard, appears to be almost preternaturally intelligent, productive, energetic, and devoted to his causes. But I can't tell myself anymore that the great problems of the world, such as the aids and TB epidemics, are beyond all hope of amelioration, or of repair.

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In anthropology simultaneously in 1990.) During his work in Haiti, Farmer pioneered a community-based treatment method for patients with tuberculosis that, Kidder explains, has had better clinical outcomes than those.S. Obviously, a young man with his advantages could have been doing good works as a doctor while commuting between Boston and a pleasant suburbnot between a room in what I imagined must be a grubby church rectory and the wasteland of central Haiti. Kidder begins with a swift account of his first meeting with Farmer in Haiti while working on a story about American soldiers, then describes his initial visit to the doctors clinic, where the journalist felt hed "encountered a miracle." Employing guile, grit, grins, and gifts. Q: What does the title, mountains beyond mountains, mean? Throughout, Kidder captures the almost saintly effect Farmer has on those whom he treats. Q: In your travels with Farmer, what most surprised and interested you? Interviews A Conversation with Tracy Kidder, author of mountains beyond mountains Q: How did you meet Paul Farmer, and what made you want to write about him? She gave him adventure and fantasy novels and he kept coming back and saying, This isn't. Then he asked, Who cut off the head of the assistant mayor? Youll spend less time in Purgatory. Nicholas Thomas USA Today. The captain stood about six foot two, tanned and muscular.

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