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but it could theoretically be any number at all. . So, depending on how you value an Air Mile, those 75 miles might be worth more than viator promo code hawaii what you paid to get them:.3 cents per mile (gift cards) x 75 miles.73 20 cents per mile (rough average) x 75 miles 15 33 cents. These usually come in one of the formats already mentioned: a Fixed Bonus, a Multiplier Bonus, or a Product Bonus. . Fixed Bonus, fixed bonuses are another great promotion to look out for because they usually offer hundreds of extra miles for spending a certain amount of money at Safeway on a given day or during a given week. . I am unsure of all of the terms and conditions on every promotion so be sure to read the fine print carefully every time because they are always subject to change. . You could even donate the excess food to a local food bank and you could probably even get a tax deductible receipt from them for doing so to save even more. Obviously this type of system is ripe for abuse and undoubtedly some people have abused it in the past by buying out the entire stock of all the stores in their area just to get the miles with no interest in the food. .

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Often times these coupons are only bed bath college coupon available at a single Safeway or a select few Safeway locations so you need to keep your eyes peeled and consider making the trip a foreign Safeway from time to time when the deal is just too good. As reported in the Safeway Best Bonus Air Miles Deal This Week thread as of May 24th, 2010 this much is known for sure: There is a maximum of 500 miles that can be earned from one bonus offer. Just be sure to always save and check your receipt and then if your miles dont show up properly on the receipt go directly to customer service and take it up with them. So that means if you need to spend 25 minimum to earn 100 bonus miles using a Safeway coupon, you could theoretically pay for that entire amount using manufacturer coupons, spend nothing out of pocket, and still get the bonus. . Regular Miles, safeway gives the standard 1 mile / 20 spent like most other Air Miles partners. . You are going to want to carefully peruse the fine print and see if you can use a bonus coupon together with a product bonus on top of a fixed bonus. . At the time of this writing there are the following coupons available: Maple Ridge Safeway - 5x the base Air Miles when you spend 40 or more. You should get the latest paper copy of the flyer in your weekly mail or you can access their online flyer as well. You want to combine anything and everything you can to get the absolute most amount of miles for as little money as possible. .