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so she chooses martyrdom. Isbn Beatty, Scott,., The Batman Handbook: The Ultimate Training Manual. Poison Ivy strangles Aquaman in vines but is blasted by Iron Man and defeated. While visiting her father in prison, she kissed him with a poison that was secreted from her lips that killed him. 52 She controlled an entire tree to come down on Clayface, ensnaring him in its branches, and once brought a whole skyscraper down with giant vines. Before she can figure out where she is, she gets attacked by Swamp Thing as the 2 of them battle, before they stop and use their powers to save the forest from Trigon 's hellfire. She grows up wealthy with emotionally distant parents and later studies advanced botanical biochemistry at a university with Alec Holland under. After running away from her foster home, she befriends Selina Kyle, and becomes a skilled chemist, using plants and herbs to create mind-altering chemicals. She uses a voice scrambler in order to recruit Temblor to carry out her missions of ecoterrorism. It is soon firebombed, however, when an American-owned corporation tests their weapons systems out on what they think is an abandoned island.

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Eventually, Batman comes and discovers the imprisoned orphans and Ivy. 46 In the "Source Code" story arc of Batgirl and the Birds of Prey, Poison Ivy has infiltrated and was trying to take down Terracare, a company whose fertilizers had a secret ingredient destructive to bee populations. However, Poison Ivy eventually resists the control of these forces, as she thinks that people are worth saving and doesn't want to be a killer. When Mooney unleashes the minion Marv on Ivy, she tries to get away. Sixty, a powerful herbicide that most certainly would have killed every living plant in the park, including Ivy, and more than likely do harm to the children. During this time, she uses her abilities to enslave Count my 1st years discount code 20 off Vertigo. 50 Activism edit Ivy calls herself an "eco-terrorist of global importance" and has demonstrated philanthropic contributions to conservation efforts.

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