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We've had great results with Probiotic Miracle, we won't use any other brand. Can you offer me any info regarding probiotics for a young dog. 11/18/2015 Coupon code works on Nusentia site for.00 discount. I posted a while back, but wanted to follow up how much of a difference Probiotic Miracle made for our dog. By the way, we went with the Nutrivet brand for a bit to save some dough, but our dog's health quickly declined again. If your dog has IBS you'll need to up that dosage into the multi-billionss. We treat with anti diarrhea medicine vet gave me good for a couple of days and here we go ink we need probiotics ree? I have her on a vet diet now but she is gassy again. 10/18/2013 The code is probiotic899 10/18/2013 Please send me the coupon code for probiotic miracle for my dog Haven't heard of Protexin, but it sounds extremely expensive, especially for only delivering 180 million CFU. There are several brands of probiotics for dogs. 09/18/2015 Can a pregnant dog take probiotics? 02/22/2013 why can't I find this at the pet store?