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to kill a Kleer is to shoot it with the Double-Barrelled Shotgun as it's pouncing. Alien Blood : Green is present in the original. I'm the only serious action hero around here!". It also shoots lasers. Silliness Switch "Hippie" blood, which consists of flowers and confetti. He's an otherwise regular EDF trooper dragged into this mess. Inverted for Tourist and Easy difficulty, which does the same. Pintsized Powerhouse : Some mooks can self made coupons be seen scaled down quite a bit while retaining their combat strength. Battling across South America, Babylon and medieval Europe, Sam brings down a wind deity, a cyborg giant larva and Mental's summoner before finding a second backup ship. Die Laughing : Next Encounter has laughing gas as ammo available for the XOP Gas Gun. This is also presumably why Sam can talk to Gnaars, Mental, and whoever else.

The Serious Bombs, which clear the entire screen of enemies (albeit, within a limited radius, as netricsa's description implies). They are extremely weak when compared to the average human, but cali flour foods coupon code unlike most zombies they still retain rudimentary intelligence (being able to use weak, basic weapons and obey orders) as well as move at a pace faster than a walk. Also Sam on Tourist mode, albeit slowly. Enemy Summoner : Mordekai The Summoner ; Giant spiders and Spawner enemies. Retro Upgrade : The Cannon in all games are actual cannons. Some of the headless gunmen wear shirts in a variety of colors, with one class of them wearing red.

A description of tropes appearing in Serious Sam.
In days long past, the alien race known as the Sirians did battle with the alien overlord Mental.
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