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they need to be aware. Quick Preferences The Quick Preferences button now includes options to turn name tags over avatars off / on, and a time-of day slider for altering the region daylight in your own Viewer. This tab also includes: Popular chat log options also found in Preferences- Privacy. Use the discount code Code here when ordering to get the discount. I am an unabashed fan of the Viewer 3 log-in screen; that Firestorm has adopted it is a major plus in my book. Opening any one of those drop-down will, very tidily, close the previously-open drop-down. and moves the Firestorm Camera options originally found under to a new sub-tab called Firestorm. Note that the upload feature includes the fix for CTS-627 (Mesh upload crashes Linux). Note: Phoenix does not mean the Viewer will present a Phoenix / Viewer.x-style interface. For those who have not encountered this up until now: Clicking on any of the drop-downs will display a sliding panel of Destinations, Upcoming Events, and hot places to visit (the latter determined by the number of people currently visiting it). Chat, the Chat tab rationalises the majority of options associated with setting chat preferences. Finding a place to go has never been so easy.

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The Log-in Screen, the first of the big changes hit you right from the start: the log-in / splash screen has been significantly revised, incorporating much of the Viewer 3 log-in screen capabilities and, smart park phl coupon code in some areas, extending them. New Feature: Hiding the Chat Bar Like Phoenix, the Firestorm Chat Bar can now be hidden: Go to and check autohide main chat BAR The Chat Bar is now hidden. The Font tab has been expanded to include options to adjust chat line spacing and folder item height. The option requires a restart to take effect, but renders the Viewer beautifully on screen without the usual application window. A delete this entry button allows for the removal of any selected account from the Viewers records. The option to auto-hide the main Chat Bar The new Viewer translation tool options A Notifications tab, allowing you to define how IM and Group Chat notifications are handled using either the Viewer 3 pop-ups an/or in the chat console (i.e.

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